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 Unifying and inspiring America through our shared value of service


Why a museum?

Service to others has always been and will always be at the core of the American spirit and character - but there are no nationally designated museums or memorials to recognize and honor service in all its forms.

We need such places.

At a time when the American people are searching for shared values and a common purpose, coming together to celebrate the spirit of service can help us transcend our divisions and remind us of what our nation is at its very best.




"We believe that servant leaders in every community have the power to lift those in need and create impact that ultimately improves the quality of life for everyone in the community. Sharing this spirit of volunteerism with other nations may be one of the greatest exports the United States has provided with the rest of the world."
— Stan D. Soderstrom, Executive Director, Kiwanis International



Value of America's volunteering in 2020

1 in 4

Americans volunteer; 3 in 5 help their neighbor


When Benjamin Franklin founded the first volunteer firehouse


Current estimated national value of each volunteer hour

Americans spend over 8 billion hours a year giving back - here are their stories

Sachi -H2.jpg
Vinh Chung -H2.jpg

Sachi Shenoy
Chief Impact Officer
"Those living in poverty today are my teachers. They have taught me more about the strength of the human spirit than any classroom ever did."

Dr. Vinh Chung
Dermatologist, Surgeon
"It was almost as if God was speaking to me at that moment when I was in Vietnam as if to say, ‘Vinh, have you done everything you can with what you have?'"

Kelvin Beachum -H2.jpg
Irma Magama -H2.jpg
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Kelvin Beachum
Offensive Tackle

"Let’s be a country that’s empathetic. We know the problems facing this country. It's time to band together to be the solution."

Irma Magaña

"As an educator, teaching students and participating with students to help their community and beyond is an important part of our lives."

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